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AITC College Kuching Inter Course Marching Competition 2018

This year, for the third times, AITC College once again conducted marching competition which involved all courses in the college. Student Affair Unit (HEP) organized the competition in collaboration with Students Representative Council (MPP). The courses that took part in the competition are Information System, Electrical, Automotive, Welding, Draughtsman, and Computer Network.

The details of the marching competition are as follows:

Day : Friday
Date : 14 SEPTEMBER 2018
Time : 1.30 p.m – 4.30 p.m
Place : AITC College Kuching

The main objective of this program is to build discipline and improve cooperation amongst students. Besides that, students can improve their awareness of instructions that have been given by their leader. Other than that, students can improve their physical and mentality fitness.

In preparation for the competition, students would do their marching practice every evening starting from Monday to Friday at 3.30 pm.

On that day, all participants gathered at Check Point A listened to instructions and conditions before the event started.

Judges were ready to give marks.

Head of platoon reported in and asked for next instruction.

Participants performed static and consistent move marching.

Participants from each course used their own creativity to perform various movements in marching.

Participants performed salutation to judges at checkpoint B.

The result of the marching competition is as follows:-

Champion – Welding
1st runner-up – Information system
2nd runner-up – Electrical
Fourth place – Automotive
Fifth place – Draughtsman & Computer Networking
Best performance – Welding

The event ended with a prize-giving ceremony to the participants.
This activity will be conducted every year during the Independence Month to foster the spirit of patriotism among the students. Besides that, with this activity, we can find out students’ hidden talents.

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