Social Sciences & Humanities

Diploma in Early Childhood Education



  • i-Systems College Kuching


Full Time – 2.5 years
Part Time – 4 years


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Due to the increasing awareness about the importance of early childhood education through the media and emphasis by the Government, parents around the country are enrolling their young children in pre-school programmes. Hence, the employment opportunities in this field are expected to increase every year. Furthermore, as our country developed and striving to become a highly educated society, there is now an increasing number of working mothers in the work force and the importance of providing young children with good and proper foundations for development becomes very important within a family. This programme requires special practical skills in handling young children and this is similar to existing programmes at the college like Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Assistant, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, Diploma in Medical Imaging where students are trained on specific practical skills requirements in their chosen field of work.


Entry Requirements

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Course Structure

Childhood Development (Core)

  • Basic philosophy of early childhood education
  • Basic approaches in early childhood education
  • Introduction to Human Development
  • Child Development
  • Infant & toddlers: nurturing & teaching the young
  • Observation & assessment in young children
  • Guidance of young children
  • Diversity & young children
  • Play & child development

Curriculum & Learning Environment (Core)

  • Curriculum in early childhood education
  • Children with special needs
  • Communicative English in early childhood education
  • Mathematics in early childhood education
  • Health, safety & nutrition
  • Music, movement & drama in early childhood education
  • Science in early childhood education
  • Physical education in early childhood education
  • Application of technology in early childhood education
  • Language literacy in early childhood
  • Visual arts in early childhood education

Administration & Management (Core)

  • Management & organization in early childhood education

Families & Community (Core)

  • Parent, family & community involvement

Professional Development (Core)

  • Professional skills of preschool teachers

Professional Practice

Industrial Training:
  • Practical 1 – Attachment at Nursery for 3 weeks
  • Practical 2 – Attachment at Kindergarten/Pre-school for 3 weeks