Technical & Vocational Education

Diploma in Electrical Technology

N/522/4/0063 (Kuching) • PA9407 (Miri) • N/522/4/0081 (Kota Kinabalu)


  • i-Systems College Kuching
  • i-Systems College Miri
  • i-Systems College Kota Kinabalu


Full Time – 2.5 years
Part Time – 4 years


For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)

This programme is with TVET components – 70% practical, 30% theory. Students will study on the theoretical portions, extending into the basic technical parts whereby they’ll be able to do single-phase wiring, single-phase schematic diagram drawing & interpretation in electrical installation and maintenance.


Job Prospects

Installation Electrician

  • Installation electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments – so you could be working on homes, offices, retail parks, airports, leisure centres – any type of building!

Maintenance Electrician

  • Once electrical equipment and systems have been installed into buildings, they need regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work properly and without any faults. As a Maintenance Electrician your job is to take care of these systems – on a regular basis you’ll be checking electrical systems, diagnosing problems and ensure they are solved.

Junior electrical design Technician

  • An Electrical Design Technician plays an essential role in any building project, whether it’s to develop an office complex, new housing estate, rail network or sports venue. You’ll be designing, developing and managing the creation of control systems and networks, to make sure the finished project has the electrical power it needs.

Theatre/Events Electrician

  • You’ll be bringing theatre and stage productions to life in this role, by setting up lighting rigs and operating lighting control systems. Your job will be to build electrical, mechanical, electronic and lighting effects, and also identify and fix faults should you need to. You’ll be using computers and CAD plans as part of your work, and linking in with other software to get everything set up. Because you’ll be working up high and on lighting rigs, you’ll need to complete additional safety training and work in line with all current health and safety regulations.

Power Station Electrical Technician

  • Power stations generate electrical power which is then distributed around the country. As an electrical technician in the power generation industry you’ll be responsible for making sure all the equipment on site is working correctly and safely. Your job could include installing, maintaining, fault-finding and repairing a wide range of equipment and control systems. To understand what you’re working on and what needs to be done, you’ll also need to interpret technical drawings and instructions. A power station generates some extremely high voltages, which can be very dangerous if not managed correctly. So part of your role will involve working to the highest safety standards and demonstrating you fully understand and adhere to safety procedures at all times.

Junior Maintenance Technician

  • The manufacturing industry is heavily reliant on machinery and other electrical equipment – without it, not much would get made! So as a maintenance engineer in the manufacturing sector you’ll be vital to the manufacturing process – it’s your job to install new equipment, make sure the machines within a factory are working smoothly, and to fix problems when they’re not.  In addition to spotting and solving issues or break-downs, you’ll also be responsible for a maintenance schedule to regularly check and service equipment so it works effectively every time, and to the agreed cost. Being able to understand and apply your skills to complex equipment is essential, along with interpreting technical drawings. You’ll also need to develop excellent knowledge of controls and measuring systems. In any factory environment health and safety is paramount, so you must meet all health and safety requirements and ensure you work safely at all times.

Gas/Oil Exploration Electrical Technician

  • This role is vital to the production of oil and gas – whether it’s extracting and producing it offshore under water, on processing it back on land. You’ll be looking after all the electrical equipment and systems relating to gas and oil exploration and making sure they meet safety and technical standards. In your role you’ll be looking at technical drawings, preparing reports on the work needed, and carrying out tasks such as fault finding and repair, replacing systems and testing equipment to ensure all is in correct working order.


Entry Requirements

For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)


Course Structure

Year 1 Sem 1

  • Electrical related Acts & Regulations in Malaysia
  • Electrical Principles 1
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Engineering Science
  • Pengajian Malaysia
  • Academic English

Year 1 Sem 2

  • Electrical Principles 2
  • Electrical Design & Single-Line Wiring Drawing
  • Electrical & Wiring Accessories and Others
  • Consumer Installation & Lighting
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Co-curriculum

Year 1 Sem 3

  • Electrical Wiring Workshop (single-phase)
  • Practical Training 1 (single phase wiring)

Year 2 Sem 4

  • Fundamentals of Earthing
  • Power Engineering 1
  • Electrochemical power sources & others
  • Electrical Instruments and Measurements
  • Safety, Precaution and Protection Equipment in low voltage installation
  • Pendidikan Moral (MPU2162) / Pengajian Islam

Year 2 Sem 5

  • Power Engineering 2
  • Fundamentals of Electric Cables (OH/UG)
  • Project Management
  • First Aid Course and Practices
  • Professionalism in the workplace / Bahasa Kebangsaan A
  • Final Year Project

Year 2 Sem 6

  • Wireman G1 Practices (Three Phase Wiring)
  • Practical Training 2 (Three phase Wiring )

Year 3 Sem 7

  • Industrial Training