Social Sciences & Humanities

Diploma in Halal Management

N/345/4/1085 (Kuching) • N/345/4/1061 (Miri) • N/143/4/1078 (Kota Kinabalu)


  • i-Systems College Kuching
  • i-Systems College Miri
  • i-Systems College Kota Kinabalu


Full Time – 2.5 years
Part Time – 4 years


For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)

The diploma focuses towards the development of knowledge and the implementation of halal practice in many different industries in Malaysia especially foodservice operations and management as well as providing excellent services to guests. It is a discipline of study which requires the graduates to be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and abilities to apply in providing excellent halal services as well as ensuring halal practices are incorporated in the whole picture of halal industry in Malaysia. Students are prepared for their future role as a Halal Executive in the economy by building a solid foundation in halal industrial knowledge and the essential skills related to the diverse field of halal industry. Halal is not merely a way of life – it is a global industry. With a stake in commercial sectors worldwide, Halal Development has become a significant contributor to all facets of economic growth. Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. From the past, our government had worked hard to purse the importance of Halal in Malaysia. Evidence shows that the Malaysian government is promoting Halal related product in the market and at the same time creating awareness to the public or non -Muslims on the existence of such product. Government emphasis on the Halal signage for a huge mega project such as Halal hub. Hence, Halal products will soon become a profitable market to be aimed. The establishment of Halal Industry Development Cooperation (HDC) in 2006, intent on building a global Halal community, HDC brings the Malaysian Halal industry in the next stage. The global halal industry is a US$5 trillion business annually (Borneo Post, 22nd Feb 2016) and Malaysia is actively placing itself as a hub for halal industry by creating regional halal hub zones for example in Sarawak, the Tanjung Manis Halal Park. The halal industry includes, among others, food production, cosmetic, shipping & logistics, chemicals, food ingredients and travel (Halal Hub Unit, Chief Mninister’s Officer Sarawak and Tanjung Manis Halal Park). It is an expanding industry. It is also the Islamic regulatory body, JAKIM’s (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) requirement for companies manufacturing halal products to employ at least one executive with halal expertise. Hence, there is a need for graduates who are trained in halal management & entrepreneurship to meet this manpower demand.


Entry Requirements

For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)


Course Structure


  • Principles of Management
  • Halal Assurance Management System
  • Qawaid Fiqqiyyah


  • Halal Marketing
  • International Marketing


  • Islamic Financial System


  • Islamic Organisastional Behaviour


  • Halal Enrtepreneurship
  • Small Business Venture


  • Business Ethics in Islam


  • Usul Fiqh
  • Fiqh Muamalat
  • Halal Law and Regulations


  • Operation Management in Halal Industries
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Foundation of Halal & Haram in Islam
  • Fundamentals of Halal Industry
  • Introduction to Halal Ingredients in Food Processing
  • Halal Slaughtering
  • Sanitation & Hygienic Practice
  • Halal Certification Procedure
  • Halal Standards
  • Halal Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Non-Food Goods
  • Industrial Training (16 weeks)