Allied Health Sciences

Diploma In Nursing

R/727/4/0071 (Kuching)


  • i-Systems College Kuching


Full Time – 3.0 years


For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)

Nursing is a noble profession, well-known for helping the sick to meet their basic health needs, adaptation to physical changes, recovery from illnesses and caring for terminal ill patients. Globally the demand for nurses is so high that many employment and career opportunities with higher pay can be expected. The future is bright for qualified nurses. I-Systems College offers Diploma in Nursing program which is comprehensive and have all the encompassing education and training to prepare students as Registered Nurse. The nursing program is approved and accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the Malaysian Nursing Board under the Ministry of Health and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). The ultimate aim of the nursing program is to equip students with knowledge and skills to make significant contributions to health and professional nursing practice. This 3-year program facilitates learning through classroom lectures and tutorial, practice in simulation wards, simulation public health clinic and nursing skills lab, clinical placement in many of the Ministry of Health identified hospitals and community healthcare clinics. Studying at I-Systems College ensures the quality and effective practical hands-on educational environment for student nurses. The college provides well-equipped Nursing Skill Labs, Simulation Ward and Simulation Public Health Clinic. All the nursing lecturers employed are degree or master’s holders; rich with nursing experience ranging from 10 to 30 years. Ongoing clinical placement support of the student nurses are provided by well-experienced Clinical Instructors and Clinical co-ordinators.


Entry Requirements

For further info, please call
082-363787 (Kuching),
085-615117 (Miri),
088-211140 (Kota Kinabalu)
03-33422655 (Klang)


Course Structure

Subjek Sains Kejururawatan (Nursing Science):

  • Kemahiran Kejururawatan I
  • Kemahiran Kejururawatan II
  • Pengenalan Perawatan Surgikal
  • Perawatan Sistem Gastrousus
  • Perawatan Sistem Kardiovaskular & Pernafasan
  • Perawatan Sistem Integumentari, Autoimun, Hemopoeitik & Onkologi
  • Perawatan Obstetrik & Ginekologi
  • Perawatan Pediatrik
  • Perawatan kesihatan Komuniti
  • Perawatan Sistem Renal & Genito Urinari
  • Perawatan sistem Saraf, Endokrina & Kalenjar Mamari
  • Perawatan Optalmogi & Otorinolaringologi
  • Perawatan Kesihatan Kecemasan & Intensif
  • Perawatan Sistem Muskuloskeletal & Perawatan Geriatrik
  • Perawatan Kesihatan Mental

Subjek Sains Kesihatan (Health Science):

  • Anatomi & Fisiologi I
  • Mikrobiologi & Nutrisi
  • Anatomi & Fisiologi II
  • Farmakologi
  • Kesihatan Persekitaran, Epidermologi, Penyakit Berjangkit, Parasitologi

Subjek Sains Tingkahlaku (Behavioural Science):

  • Psikologi, Psikologi Perkembangan, Komunikasi Awam dan Interpersonal
  • Sosiologi, Kaunseling, Penyesuaian Profesional dan Pengenalan Mediko Legal
  • Pengenalan dan Penyelidikan dalam Kejururawatan dan Statistik
  • Pengurusan dalam Kejururawatan & Aspek Mediko Legal