Making healthcare environments safer for the seniors

May 2017

It’s an inevitable part of aging. By age 75, our eyes respond more slowly to the glaring lights of a hospital. We perceive the shiny, well-buffed floors as slippery, causing missteps and falls. Our skin is thinner, making us more vulnerable to pressure sores from rock-hard mattresses. We chill more easily. The noise from monitors and other gadgets in an acute-care room or emergency department can interfere with our ability to communicate with medical staff.

As a result, older patients may find they are navigating a minefield in hospitals and other medical facilities that have been designed to be friendly to healthcare workers but not seniors. The term “adult day care” brings to mind a warehouse for the elderly with accompanying sights, sounds and smells.

“We envisioned a centre where adults and the elderly could have their daily medical needs addressed while engaging in events designed to stimulate, educate, socialize and exercise the mind and body,” said Dr Denis Yu, Director of Tabuan Healthcare and Nursing Centre.

The centre was initiated with the main objective of providing the community with a good standard of private nursing services through 3 main division, namely; Care for the Aged, Nursing Centre and Home Nursing.

“Our mission is, of course, to promote elderly care delivery with respect for personal rights, self-worth and dignity; in other words, providing care that is respectful and responsive to individual needs, preference and values,” said Yu again.

The majority of elderly people experiencing mental health challenges,primarily dementia and depression, are cared for by family, home support,home nursing, residential care and family physicians. Of those people,a smaller number may require the services of a specialized mental health service. Clients may require a progression from general to specialized services, based on their individual needs.

“Our Care for the Aged and Nursing Centre divisions will look after all short- and long-term residents or aged people. They can be those who do not need hospital care, such as those under rehabilitation, physiotherapy and nursing care,”

“They also include those having undergone major surgeries, post-stroke patients and those with terminal cancer. These aged persons can be either independent individuals as well as people who need some degree of care,” said Dr Yu, adding that apart from being taken care by qualified nurses, the in-house residents would also have round-the-clock vital signs monitoring.

According to Dr. Yu, the whole setup of the centre including its concept and services, received the approval from relevant authorities on care of the aged and nursing services, such as the Welfare Department and Health Ministry – this is to ensure quality and standard because there are strict official operating guidelines in place by the governing authorities.

Established since 2015, the centre is located at Tabuan Square, Lorong Keranji 4F, Tabuan Desa Utara and run by Tabuan Healthcare Properties Sdn Bhd, boasts a team of specialist doctors in various fields assisted by experienced and highly qualified nurses.

“Elderly people have contributed substantially to us. They are the valuable assets of our society. It is our obligation to care for them and cater for their needs thus enabling them to lead a fulfilling life,” added Yu.

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