Postnatal Mother Home Nursing Programme

May 2024

i-Systems College Kuching nursing students are required to participate in the community Home Nursing Program for postnatal mother.  From this program, nursing student are exposed to clinical practices that assess mothers’ and babies’ health and well-being.  This is attachment involved home visit to examine postnatal mother and baby based-on the established SOP for the purpose of detecting abnormal conditions in the mother and baby and refer detected cases appropriately to the relevant medical practitioners.

The main objective of this participatory Home Nursing Program is to ensure optimal postnatal care in a normal pregnancy and delivery is to be carried out appropriately. Any abnormality observed during these visits are required to appropriate referrals and more visits.

Baby and postnatal mother discharged from hospital will be placed into this participatory Home Nursing Program, whereas alternative birth center (ABC) or home delivery should be notified to the nearest health clinic or village clinic in order to be placed into this Home Nursing Program in order to receive  this postnatal care for the mother and baby at home.

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