i-Colleges Sdn Bhd, or more popularly known as i-Systems, is a corporate group of colleges specializing primarily in technical and skills-based education. The company began by opening its very first training centre, AITC College Kuching, in 2002. I-Systems steadily expanded, and in less than 13 years, developed into 8 different learning centers nationwide: 4 colleges and 4 skills training centers across Sarawak, Sabah and West Malaysia. Today, the i-Systems Group of Colleges offer a wide variety of academic and vocational courses, as it continuously pursues to teach and train, and equip the future workforce with the right skills and knowledge to move forward.


To offer affordable, recognized and relevant academic & training programmes and courses that meet the changing needs of the individual and society.


  • OFFER quality programmes
  • PARTNER with top-notch education institutions worldwide
  • PROMOTE Malaysia Globally as the preferred destination for higher education
  • BUILD strong, caring and dedicated teams of employees