Cooperation Exchange Meeting Between Beijing Geely University, China And I-Systems Education Group, Malaysia

September 2018

Beijing Geely University and Malaysia’s I-Systems Education Group held a cooperation exchange meeting to discuss students study exchange matters in Malaysia.

 On the afternoon of August 26th, the cooperation meeting between Beijing Geely University and Malaysia i-Systems Education Group was held in the fifth floor conference room of the Administration Building. Dato John Tiong, CEO i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, Mr.Ling Chong Seng, Director of i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, Mdm Amy Tan, Group Administration and Finance Manager, i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, Ms. Sim IangBoi, Director of Technical& Vocational Education and Training,i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, and Zhang Kai and Chen Wei,a total of 6 people from the i-Systems Education Group attended the cooperation exchange meeting. Beijing Geely University, President Huo Wei Dong, Vice President Lv Jun Min, Vice President Zhao Kai Hua, and Assistant President Ren Guang Xin also attended the meeting. The exchange meeting was hosted by Bian Bao Qi, Dean of the School of Humanities and Design.

During Cooperation exchange meeting.

President Huo Wei Dong welcomed Dato John Tiong, CEO of i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, to the University to participate in the cooperation exchange meeting, and introduced the situation of Beijing Geely University. President Huo said that this year he personally recruited students to the University and the recruitment figure achieved the expected results. More than 20% of the students enrolled this year are students who have established card-based households (that is students from financially challenged household). The school provides students with free tuition and accommodation fees, and reimbursement for round-trip tolls. All funds are borne by Geely Holding Group. The two parties identified the early childhood education students as the first batch to go to Malaysia for a three-month intensive English study project. Students from other Schools will subsequently join the three-month intensive English programme at i-Systems Education Group. Cooperation between the 2 parties in other areas will also be looked into in the future.

President Huo Wei Dong spoke at the cooperation exchange meeting

Dato John Tiong, CEO of i-Systems Education Group, Malaysia, said at the cooperation exchange meeting that i-Systems Education Group was founded in 2002. All the faculty members are master’s degree or above and with many years of teaching experience. Geely University students will be exposed to English speaking environment the moment they arrive at i-Systems College in Kuching. The College has a strict management of students and guarantees the safety of students.

Dato John Tiong, CEO of i-Systems Education Group

At the cooperation meeting, the two sides discussed in detail onthe curriculum, student life, visas and subsidies/assistance for students who needs financial support to participate in this student exchange between the 2 parties.

Group photo of the two parties attending the cooperation exchange meeting

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